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1000 Words

You’ve put the finishing touches on a bed and breakfast or vacation home on the west coast. Now it’s time to show your place in it’s best light, with photographs that tell your story.

After all, pretty much everyone who’s thinking of renting in your area will look at your place online. And professional photos will not only show your place in its best light, but will answer their questions before they ask them. In this example, we’ll look at the popular destination of a beach home in Tofino.

People who have done their research, and people who’ve stayed in the area previously, will know the weather can be ‘interesting’ on the coast. Among other things, they’ll be looking for easy access to the beach and a cozy place to retreat to when it’s wet or dark. And you’ll not only be selling your place, but you’ll be selling the story of staying at the edge of a huge sandy, west coast beach.

Below are a few of the sixty photos recently created for a Chesterman Beach (Tofino) vacation home website. (the vacation home name and some exterior photos will be added to this post once the owners are ready to launch their new website; for now it’s a big old secret 😉